Equipment inventory

Last updated: 2023-04-05
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What is equipment inventory

Every company has some property, equipment, devices or tools, and if it wants to operate smoothly and efficiently, it must know where it is. An equipment inventory is a type of physical inventory, and unlike accounting inventory, it is purely a practical inventory for physical assets and focused primarily on various work equipment, machines, equipment, devices, work tools and their location inside the company. In other words, the equipment inventory gives a simple and quick answer to the question of what is located where.

  • every piece of property must be placed somewhere or assigned to someone
  • the equipment inventory answers where each piece is located and what its condition is

Equipment inventory process

Equipment inventory is easy and takes place in four basic steps.

  1. Selecting an employee, place, room or location for inventory
  2. Load the inventory list
  3. Check and verify the actual status
  4. Save the log from the performed inventory
Equipment inventory process

What is an inventory, equipment, or asset list?

A well-maintained inventory of assets and equipment is the key to greater control over a company's business activities.  A list of all equipment, the so-called inventory list, is therefore the basis for a proper equipment inventory. It is a record of all the equipment a company needs to operate. Equipment varies in different types of companies and also varies in different departments. 

  • the IT department inventory will include IT equipment such as computers, laptops, printers, scanners, computer accessories, etc.
  • an inventory of classroom equipment in a school will list chairs, desks, projectors and other classroom equipment 
  • the inventory of a construction company's equipment will include a list of construction machinery and tools 

You can easily get the equipment inventory from Aptien by exporting the inventory or as an inventory list at the start of the inventory

Benefits of an inventory and well-maintained records of assets and equipment

The benefits of a well-maintained asset register are clear. Well-maintained asset and inventory records provide a buffer between employee and departmental requests for assets and managerial approval of those requests. When the true status is known, decision-making is easier and unnecessary or duplicate purchases of equipment and assets are reduced.

What the equipment inventory in Aptien makes possible

Aptien is an online software that provides you with a central solution for asset record keeping and the ability to track it all in real time. It will allow you to place inventory either to a location or to an employee.