What does an asset manager do?

Last updated: 2022-03-03
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Asset manager ensures asset maintenance management

Typical job description of an asset manager

  • ensures the management of the company's assets
  • monitors changes in asset requirements
  • is familiar with the technical parameters of the managed assets 
  • is familiar with the technologies (HVAC, electrical equipment, electrical wiring, lifts,)
  • organises maintenance activities
  • organises or carries out planned and preventive maintenance of assets
  • resolves major financial situations and issues in asset management
  • arranges for prescribed revision tests and monitoring of revision deadlines
  • dealing with service providers (repairs, maintenance, inspections, etc.) 
  • organising the letting of premises
  • maintaining contractual documentation for maintenance services and asset acquisition
  • handles the billing of services (rent, energy, utilities)
  • deals with the supporting infrastructure of the buildings (connection to networks)
  • is responsible for all support services (from maintenance to cleaning)
  • is responsible for registering and dealing with suggestions for improvement 

Aptien can support the work of the asset manager in both planned maintenance and maintenance and documentation.