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Facility Manager

Introducing limitless asset management and maintenance. A concierge solution that works for you.

Introducing limitless facility management and maintenance. A concierge solution that works for you. Keep track all your company facilities, plan maintenance and inspections.

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Key Features Praised by Facility Managers

Whether you need to track or maintain tools, office equipment, machines, cars, computers, or buildings, our all-in-one platform makes asset management and maintenance effortless. 

Central Repository

Align the workplace with the needs of its employees, small teams, or whole departments seamlessly.

Notification for Anything

Track all warranties, licenses, certificates, service intervals, insurance renewals, and much more.

Any Documents You Need

Keep any documentation or information you need for your facilities.
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Key Features for Facility Managers

  • Central Facility Repository
  • Inspection Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Customized Notifications, Reminders & Alerts
  • Complete CMMS / EAM
  • Manage Movable & Immovable Property
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Work Order Management
  • Full Automated Audit Control
  • Licenses, Certificates & Warranties
  • Key & Entrance Card Management
  • Policies & Compliance
  • Unlimited Attachments & Notes
  • Limitless Number of Assets
  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
Goodbye Spreadsheets. Hello Aptien.

Looking for more?

Manage more than just your facilities. Our online platform simplifies your business admin and management. Including these key areas:

Facility Maintenance Reimagined

If your spreadsheets are split across an uncountable number of versions, it’s time to transform the way you work! Simple, powerful, and effective. Welcome to asset maintenance like never before

Aptien Facility management tools have been specifically developed to help manage assets, equipment maintenance information, work orders, and workflow.

Central Facility  Management

Aptien allows facility managers to effortlessly track and manage all types of assets, including buildings, their equipment (HVAC, water, security, etc.), vehicles, and more. With a few clicks, users can store detailed asset information, such as make, model, serial number, warranty information, and maintenance history.

Planned & Preventive Maintenance

Aptien can automatically prompt users to schedule preventive maintenance activities based on time or usage intervals. This helps in reducing downtime and extending asset life by ensuring that assets receive regular maintenance.

Work Order Management

Aptien enables the creation, assignment, tracking, and closing of work orders, which can be annotated with documents such as manuals, images, and purchase orders.

Inventory Management & Work Equipment

Aptien Facility manager makes it easy to track room equipment and simplify inventory check.

Workplace Safety & Compliance Management

Aptien can help facilities comply with safety regulations by tracking safety procedures, managing safety plans, and maintaining records of safety inspections. The software also assists in ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations by maintaining detailed records and providing necessary documentation for audits.

Mobile Access

Aptien Facility management tools offer mobile capabilities that enable maintenance personnel to access the system from anywhere using their mobile devices. This can significantly increase productivity by allowing on-the-go management of work orders and asset data.

Work Smarter

With our revolutionary platform, one login, accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, gives you seamless access to asset records and assignments, policy compliance, renewals, service history, license expiry, and more.

Not Harder

Eliminate emails, scrap spreadsheets, and remove random paperwork. Welcome to a new world of office admin. Welcome to a new world of Facility Management.

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