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Simplify your office and employee management with our suite of solutions for human resource management, project planning, asset management, contract management, and more.

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Here's A Dozen Reasons
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We know that changing the way you work is a big ask.
But if you always do what you've always done, you'll always have what you've always had. And that's not good for anyone!


Easy and simple to use

Forget buying multiple licenses of expensive software to run your office or business. Access all your key business information in one place, on one screen, and connected in one, comprehensive office management solution.


Safe and secure data

Control who can view and who can change your data. At any moment you can check exactly WHO, WHEN and WHAT changed. Plus your data is stored in a fully encrypted database that only you control.


Available from anywhere

From any computer, tablet or smartphone, whether you're at work, at home, at the office or abroad. Access everything you need to keep your office running smoothly, online from anywhere at anytime.


Completely customizable

Build your business solutions to fit your exact business needs. You can use pre-configured templates for CRM, HR, and project management, or you create endless templates of your own as easily as building with lego!


Undemanding on resources

No need for anything to install or configure any software! As long as you can get online with a web browser, with our cloud solution you have everything at your fingertips without the fuss!


Easy integration

No need to start-over with creating your documents. Our platform intuitively joins the dots and allows for integration to your current favorite solution and let's you transfer your data in seamlessly!


Transparent and auditable

Every change is tracked. Who, when and what was done is there and logged every time. No need to worry about missing something, or a change going unnoticed. Secure, auditable and traceable. Life just got easier!


Always up to date

Forget about waiting for software to update when you next boot up your PC. All updates are done automatically and without any need for your input. Every customer gets every update, it's that simple!


Connect your data

Unbelievable insights gives you a competitive advantage. Keep your customers, contracts, employees, contacts and more linked and connected simply and clearly without the need for an expensive data warehouse.


Create office records

It's great to have the data 'somewhere' in the system, but to succeed, you need to be able to use it! You need to be informed, that's why we include the most commonly used office records as standard.


Manage information access

You have full control over who sees what information, what can be modified, what can be deleted or what can be created. Instantly, from anywhere, you can check who, when and what changed for perfect peace of mind.


Free yourself from software hell !

Radically simplify your office admin whether simple or complex, you're covered. Shred your paperwork and scrap your spreadsheets. One environment. All your day-to-day office admin and management.

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