Aptien Policies

Privacy statement

This Statement declares Aptiens's commitment to protect and respect the privacy of our customers and all Aptien users. This Privacy Statement informs you, in a concise and clear way, of how we use and protect your personal information. This Statement complements our Terms of Service, Safety Policy and Privacy Policy.

Our privacy statement

  1. Aptien Labs s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as "Aptien" or "we") provides services and products (hereinafter referred to as "Products", "Services" or "Platform") intended for professionals, businesses and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as "Clients”, “Customers” or “You”).
  2. Clients use our services for business purposes or other operational needs and for storing various business and personal information, all of which is what the entire platform is built for.
  3. As a platform provider, we recognize the security and privacy of yourself and your data as of paramount importance. That is why privacy and security are of utmost importance to us and we feel obliged to protect them.
  4. We treat your data and that of other users in an ethical manner, that is, we do not trade your data, neither do we share it with any third parties as this would conflict our privacy policy.
  5. Personal data is stored only in professional data centers that provide a high level of security. Data of our clients from Europe, Africa, and certain parts of West Asia is located in data centers within the European Economic Area, whereas data of our clients from the USA as well as from Pacific and the rest of Asia is located in the American storage sites.
  6. Due to the product architecture, no data center operator can access your data, that is, the data of the Client.
  7. We collect and store only the personal data supplied to us by yourself that is necessary to provide safe and high-quality services, resulting from the contract or necessary for protection against misuse or against security threats. The data concerned is the personal data needed for your registration, operating your account, billing services, and data necessary to inform you about system changes, outages, and important deadlines such as license expiration, non-payment, and the like. Without this information, we cannot provide our services.


For the purposes of this Statement, terms are defined as follows:
  1. "Client", "Customer" or "You" is the entity that has agreed to the terms and conditions and uses our services. It is you who defines users' permissions and who is responsible for their behavior within our products.
  2. "User" is a specific person to whom belong a specific customer account used to benefit from our platform, products, or services.
  3. "Potential client" is an entity that has shown interest in one or more of our services.
  4. "Visitor" is the person who have visited one or more of our product web pages.