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Construction Project Management

Working towards a goal has never been easier. Revolutionize the way you power through projects as you manage them with ease.

Manage your construction projects from conception to delivery.

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Managing Construction Projects Has
Never Been Simpler

It’s never been easier to get a clear insight into all your projects. View projects, tasks, deadlines, staff assignments, and progress all in one place, from anywhere.

Collaborate & Conquer all Tasks and Contractors

Work together seamlessly to manage work, tasks, meeting minutes, key project documents, and milestones.

Ultimate Reminders for All Construction Project Duties

Monitor milestones, deadlines, and key dependencies with alerts, reminders, and notifications for every step of the journey.

Any Construction Project Documents

Define project teams and managers at multiple levels, and combine internal and outsourced components harmoniously.
Used by teams across every industry

Manage Your Construction Projects from Sales to Delivery

Whatever the construction project, whatever the scale. 
  • Set Delivery Milestones
  • Automated Notifications
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Define Team Structures
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Manage Sub-Contractors
  • Add Outsource Elements
  • Create Org Charts
  • Policy Creation & Compliance
  • Integrate To Internal Systems
  • Accessible From Anywhere

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Foolproof Construction Project Management

Looking for the ultimate project planning and management tool where milestones, delivery dates & teams are unified perfectly? You found it!

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Looking For More for Your Company Work Management?

Manage more than just projects. Our intuitive online platform simplifies business admin and management. Including these key areas:

Construction management software for small business

Construction management is all about communication between people throughout the construction process. Good sharing of key construction information, documentation and tasks makes up a good half of all successful construction projects. We can't plan, we can't create gantt charts. But what we can do is good information sharing, document sharing, and most importantly, managing construction work through tasks and minutes.

Our solution will not limit you with collaboration. It really doesn't matter what type of collaboration it is or who you are collaborating with. Life, like collaboration, is very diverse and we offer you a very wide range of options on how, what and with whom to collaborate and communicate.

Compared to the classic approach where you send everything by email, the way you work is simplified and changed thanks to Aptien. Instead of sending, it's sharing.

What are the benefits of our collaborative construction solution ?

  • One-stop construction information in one place
  • Shared construction documentation
  • Construction records linked directly to tasks
  • Handover protocols and other acceptance documents tied directly to construction
  • Management of all tasks on site
  • Collaboration saves you time storing and searching for documents and information
  • All information is available anytime, anywhere - access to the system is via the internet
  • Save time and space - documents stored with us take up no space in your home or office
  • Save money and on paper, printer ink, folders and binders - I file electronic documents right here
  • Secure shared storage - my documents don't get lost and only you have access to them
  • Organize your documents and feel good knowing that when I'm looking for something, I know where to find it quickly

What is construction collaboration software ?

It's a simple cloud-based online environment where you can share your construction information or documents in one place of truth and collaborate on them, either within your company or organization or with your construction contractors, customers or other construction stakeholders. You can not only share information with them, but also protect construction information that should not be shared.

You can work from the office, from home, or from wherever you are. The solution will support your construction work remotely.

What do we offer you in our collaborative construction environment?

  • Sharing basic construction information across the team
  • Shared construction documents (construction plans, quality assurance documents, construction documents)
  • Group discussions between construction teams or sub contractors
  • Managing and coordinating the work on site

Most construction activities require a high level of cooperation between all stakeholders. In practice, this usually takes place through email and sending documents to shared data storage. Such work is inefficient and produces a lot of chaos and work. Communication and collaboration is then choked or hindered. The goal of our solution is to break down unnecessary walls between people in processes and enable them to collaborate seamlessly.

In addition, all information and communication is always available in our environment, tied to the project so it doesn't get lost. Do you need information about construction subcontractors, their contracts? About their reports? Or to the construction client and the major decisions or records of negotiations with them? No problem, all the information will be there in one place. And that includes the ability to attach contracts, warranties, handover reports, etc.

Monitoring of construction deadlines

Collaboration doesn't have to be about remembering everything. On the contrary - when I can entrust to a computer program, if it does it better for me, I will do it. Keeping track of deadlines is one of those things that machines can do better than humans.

  • construction milestone deadline notifications
  • Contract deadline notifications
  • alerts for other construction deadlines
  • Task management and collaboration across construction sites

If you have multiple projects , no problem. The system allows you to create as many builds as you want and need. You have a separate and distinct space for each of the projects. But you can also collaborate across projects. The collaboration tool will help increase productivity of construction management across the entire company.

Work Smarter

With our avant-garde platform, one simple login, accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, gives you seamless access to project plans, team structures, delivery dates, deadlines, and more.

Not Harder

Oversee everything from internal communications to IT requirements. Eliminate emails, scrap spreadsheets, and remove random paperwork. Welcome to a new world of office admin. Welcome to a new world of Project Management.

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let's recap

Key Features of Construction Project Management Software

  • Set Delivery Goals & Milestones
  • Create Unlimited Notifications
  • Customize Alerts To Fit You
  • Define Team & Dept. Structures
  • Unlimited Attachments & Notes
  • Feel Secure With A Full Audit Trail
  • Construction Project Meeting Minutes
  • Manage Sub-Contractors & Internal Teams
  • Add & Define Outsourced Components
  • Sculpt Organizational Charts
  • Create Policies & Monitor Compliance
  • Integrate To Existing Internal Systems
  • Accessible From Anywhere
  • Contractor Management
  • Supplier Collaboration

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