How to keep and organize your assets

Last updated: 2024-02-14

In Aptien you have more options to keep your assets data

Aptien is not an accounting software, so here you manage your assets primarily for operational and maintenance needs, i.e. from the point of view of facility or equipment management, its maintenance and administration. Aptien allows you to manage such assets or things that you need to keep track from a practical point of view, even if they do not belong to the assets in accounting terms. Examples are keys, access cards, SIM cards and the like.

In Aptien, you have more options for keeping track of your assets. The choice is always based on the amount, types and complexity of your assets, machinery, equipment or facilities. 

  1. You will use one universal asset organizer. This option is a simple choice for smaller businesses
  2. You will use multiple specialized organizers - feel free to use separate ones for each type of asset. This option is suitable for all larger businesses or for businesses that want to keep each type of asset separate
Two ways of keeping asset records

When to choose universal asset organizer

The Assets Organizer is one universal Organizer primarily for small companies and teams. Universal means it contains basic asset types that you can expand. 

If you need to keep records of assets your employees have assigned, and you are a small company or a team, this Organizer is going to be enough for you. The Organizer contains nine types of assets that you can expand at anytime.

When to keep assets in multiple organizers

If you are a larger company, or your colleagues need to track assets in more detail and by different types, then you are more likely to use other specialized organizers. Effectively, this means that you have a separate organizer for each type of asset. It is advantageous if different people are responsible for each type of asset, different processes take place and the information held on different types of assets is also different. You can take these situations into account and manage them much better just by dividing the assets. 

Aptien has prepared a set of basic preset asset organizers that are similar to the types mentioned before. 

Asset maintenance planning

In addition to keeping an overview of your assets, Aptien also allows you to schedule and confirm the maintenance performed, see how.

Management of property documentation

Keeping records of your property is also part of what Aptien allows you to do.