How to use the Phones Organizer

Last updated: 2024-02-28

Central overview of phones in the company

This organizer is designed to keep track of the telephone devices: mobile phones and landlines in your company. Here you keep a central record of them and for each phone all practical information related to its management. You keep information about phone numbers or SIM cards separately in their own organizers, but you can link the records from all these organizers to each other according to the actual situation. The scope and structure of the information in the organizers are set according to best practice. If for some reason it does not suit you, your administrator can change it according to the practices in your company, or you can use our expert services.

Simple management of company telephones

  • Keeping the necessary information for mobiles and landlines
  • Keeping information about the phone assignment or location

Detailed information for every phone in the company 

  • Date and price of acquisition, supplier
  • IMEI and inventory number if applicable
  • Who has the phone assigned or is using it, i.e. location information
  • How the phone is managed and maintained
  • PIN or password
  • Documentation of the device
Phones organizer

Mobile Phone Operation Log

  • For each phone, you keep information about performed maintenance, service, and all service interventions.

Phone Handover Protocol

  • Handing over the phone to an employee
  • Taking over the phone from an employee

How does Aptien help you with phone management?

Central overview of phones

  • CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) is a central repository, where you store information about your computers, and it also serves for phone configuration management
  • CMDB provides a common place for storing data associated with phone activities
  • Phone inventory can include many specifics of each piece of phone equipment.

Maintenance and operation log of phones

  • Keeping an operation log of mobile phones
  • Monitoring hardware warranty terms
  • Monitoring regular hardware replacement
  • Keeping an operation log of performed maintenance, updates, patch management
  • Monitoring regular penetration tests
  • You can easily set up and monitor all the mentioned activities for different computers

Handing over computers to employees