First steps of office manager

Last updated: 2021-07-03
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How to manage the office and support processes in the company

Welcome to Aptien. We'll guide you through the basics of being an Office Manager. So that you know what is possible in the system and what is not. What you can do and how you can do it. Where it will help you, what it will make easier and where its limits are. Aptien will help you with common operational processes and office administration that you deal with around people and other small operational records, specifically allowing you to:

  • keep track of key dates for revisions, inspections or maintenance
  • operational overview of all types of assets, their location and inventory - who has them and where they are
  • asset tagging using QR codes
  • records of assets issued - to whom and when assets were issued or entrusted

It will also allow any other asset context to be maintained - for example, to responsible people or contracts. The system will also allow you to create and manage tasks and activities that arise from the management of the asset, or perhaps keep minutes of activities or meetings that relate to a particular piece of property. 

What it doesn't help with: we are not accounting software. We solve operational processes but we do not help with an accounting view of assets. It doesn't help with capacity planning, meeting room bookings, etc.