How to use the Access Cards Organizer

Last updated: 2022-02-28

List of access or entrance cards in your company

This Organizer is intended for office managers, asset managers, or any similar employee responsible not only for access cards but also for tokens or any other media and want to know of their current holder and what it is used for. Aptien has history logbooks for each item, and you can always find who had which card and when and what they could access. This record is therefore also important for the ISO 27000 series system (meeting required standards, and audit trail from a security perspective), during the employment relationship (part of the overview of what the employee has been assigned), but also after their termination (tracking specific assets).

Record information for each card:

  • Card number
  • Card's state – select the card's status. If it gets lost, remove it from the employee in the "Connections" tab and note important information
  • The card opens the room - room the card grants access to
  • The card opens the door - the door the card can open
  • The card is assigned to  - select the employee using the card from the list of employees
  • Additional card information - you can record any required information here. For example, what other uses the card has (printer access, entrance)
Access cards organizer