How to use the Cars Organizer

Last updated: 2021-10-13

Company cars overview in your company

This organizer is intended for office managers, fleet managers, or any similar employee responsible for company cars and information about them.  You can record information about each car's maintenance, condition, or history (repairs, etc.). This organizer helps with important dates regarding management and regular checks. It is not limited to cars, but you can record any type of vehicle including trucks, trailers, or motorcycles and their parts. 

Perfect overview of your company fleet

  • Keeping the necessary information on each car, including its equipment
  • Who uses the car
  • Keeping information on purchase, purchase price, or lease price
  • Keeping track of vehicle insurance information
  • An overview of the maintenance and all repairs or other incidents
  • Keeping track of technical inspection dates
  • Keeping track of tire change dates
  • Keeping track of the expiry date of the first aid kit in the car

Detailed information for each vehicle

For each vehicle (car, truck, semi-trailer, motorcycle, or other vehicles) you can keep the following basic information:

  • Brand and type of vehicle
  • Registration plate number
  • Who uses the car
  • Description of the car's equipment
  • Purchase information, purchase price, or lease price
  • Vehicle maintenance information,
  • Tire change dates
  • Technical inspection dates
  • Leasing information
  • Insurance information
Vehicles organizer