Activity plans

Last updated: 2023-10-09
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Activity plans are used for both monitoring and confirmation

Activity plans are used to plan and confirm the performance of various recurring and one-time activities, such as regular maintenance, inspections, training, and health checks. They can also be used for employee onboarding or offboarding. 

With activity plans, you can therefore

  1. Schedule one-time or recurring activities
  2. Confirm the execution of a scheduled activity and attach documentation of its performance (e.g. report, inspection report, certificate)

Examples of using Activity Plans:

Vehicle maintenance activity plans

Confirmation of the activity

The activity notifies you when an activity should be performed and you then confirm its execution.

  • The date the activity was performed
  • In the comment, you describe what was done
  • You can also add an attachment, typically with evidence of the activity performed (e.g., training attendance certificate, medical certificate, maintenance report, calibration report, etc.).

If the situation requires it (for example, confirmation of attendance at a training session for multiple people), you can also confirm the activity in bulk.

You can see the overview of the activity plan in the Reports tab.

Activity confirmation

History of confirmed activities

Activity plans record a complete history of activities performed (for example, toner replacement). This gives you an overview of when and who did what.

Complete history of performed activities

Where will you see the activity plans?

  • For each item (for example, an instrument), you can see a list of scheduled activities on the Activity Plan tab.
  • You can see an overview of all the activities you have access to in the reports

How to enable and set up activity plans

Don't see activity plans in your records?  This could also be because you simply don't have them activated for your role in your records. See how to do it. Activity plans are only available for premium plans.