Last updated: 2021-10-11
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Categories allow you to divide your Organizers further

For example, categories are different kinds of legal contracts or assets, employees, or property classes all within one Organizer.

For instance, you can divide Organizers into several types or categories such as Business contracts, Employee contracts, Property contracts, Buying contracts, and so on. Each category can have its own icon, and therefore, you gain easier orientation in the given Organizer. You can use individual categories for easier searching, where you can search for the category you need only.

categories in Organizer

When is it suitable to use categories?

You can use categories when you need to divide one Organizer into several parts or when you need to divide notes and add colors to your notes for clarity. This makes a big difference when you are searching for them.

Categories make it easier for you to establish what different kinds of employees information can/cannot be displayed.

You can also use categories when you need to create different types of fields within one Organizer. This means that for each category in the given Organizer, you, as an administrator, can create various details. You might need to view different information regarding Internal workers, Agency workers, and other types of employees.


You can divide your employees into categories such as Internal Employees, External Employees, and Interns. Because of this division, you will have your employees always clearly displayed. You can also, for example, show only the list of Interns to their Manager.