Information in Organizers is shared across your company. ...read more

Items & records in Organizers

One record in an Organizer is the same as one entry in an Excel sheet. ...read more

Organizer template

What are Organizer templates, and how can they be used and customized. ...read more

Archived item

An archived or discarded record is hidden from the list because you do not need it anymore. ...read more


Details represent a single piece of information in your Organizer. ...read more

Groups of details

You can group details in the group of details if they are related to each other. ...read more

Organizer dashboard

The main screen of an Organizer is called a dashboard and contains useful information. ...read more


You can classify your items in the datasheet by using categories. ...read more


Upload attachments of all kinds and store them in one place. ...read more

Folders for Attachments and Documents

Use folders for Attachments for sorting and saving Attachments. ...read more

Favorite items

Each user can set some items from the list as a favorite. ...read more


Watchdogs help you get reminded of important dates or anything else. ...read more


Tasks make it easier for you and your colleagues to communicate and collaborate during specific tasks. ...read more

Task package

Package of the tasks is a set of subsequential particular taks, you want to see together. ...read more

Online request forms

Applications and reports allow employees to use simple forms to apply for leave or anything else. ...read more


In this article you will find out who the applicant is and what they can do. ...read more

Shared notes

You can share notes with your colleagues so they can comment and change them. ...read more


Use requests to ask your colleagues about anything. ...read more

Action buttons

Action buttons are special buttons that can be used to define selected actions. ...read more

What is Small data approach

In this article you will learn what small data approach is ...read more

Favorite Organizers

You can set your Organizers as favorites to always see them. ...read more


You can create a connection between two items from any datasheet. ...read more


A prefix is an automatically generated code that appears in front of the item's name. ...read more


The intranet is a lighter version of Aptien for ordinary employees. ...read more

Places & Storages

The storage is used as location for assigning or check-in in unissued work equipment or as a location for assets. ...read more


An event is an activity that took place in the past, and you have it recorded in your system, or it is going to take ... ...read more

Meeting minutes

You can use minutes to record any event that happened in the past or that will happen in the future. ...read more