Risk management

First steps of Risk manager

Step-by-step manual on how to manage risks in the company using Aptien Risk Manager ...read more

Risk management

You keep your risks and their connections in datasheet Risks. ...read more

How do you do a risk assessment analysis

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How to create company risk register

Instructions on how to create a risk register based on a company's asset register. ...read more

Preventive and corrective actions - what is the difference

What is the difference between preventive and corrective measures. ...read more

How to use threats register

Threats register is primarily intended to create a list of threats in the organisation. ...read more

How to use the Asset Risk Register

The asset register as part of risk management is designed to provide an overview of all the assets of a company. ...read more

Risk matrix: activation and settings

Risks extension can be turned on by the administrator in the Organizer's settings. ...read more

The most common workplace incidents and accidents

In this article you will learn about the most common accidents, breakdowns and incidents in the workplace. ...read more