How to use Organizers in Aptien

What organizers are available

In Aptien, you have more than 50 organizer templates to choose from. In addition, you can create your own. more

How to use Organizers (Datasheets)

The Organizers are used to keep information in one place. more

How to setup notifications for changes in Organizers

A change alert keeps track of any changes that are made to an organizer. more

How to edit multiple items

Using the batch change, you can change the category or more details for more items. more

How to archive records

You have the option to archive or discard an item. These archived items keep their history and can be moved to active... more

How to create a connection

You can create a connection between any two items (e.g., Who is working on which project, who has which key, who is r... more

How to edit records

Click in the field and then change the detail's value. Proceed by clicking the 'Save' button to save your input. more

How to set a temporary connection

In some cases, the connection between two items might have a time validity. more

How to use tags

Tags (labels) are a special detail format that you can use to describe skills of an employee. more

How to add a picture to an item

You can add a picture to your item that shows up when any user opens or hovers over the specific item. more

How to set a graph

You can display charts on the Organizer's dashboard. more

How to generate a report

You can export data from Aptien or generate a report based on a specific item or a datasheet. more

How to use folders for records

Folders for records can be used for a clear overview within the list of records. more

How to create a structured Organizer

Structured Organizer allows you to create a hierarchy. more

How to setup Watchdogs

You can easily set automatic reminders called Watchdogs to watch over important dates or milestones. more

How to copy or merge items

Merging items only involves connections, and other details are not involved during the merge. Copying an item creates... more

How to change the number unit

You can change unit shown beside the numerical datail. more

How to change the item's name

You can change the item's name by using more than one detail. more