How to store information in Aptien


How and where to store your data

There are different places where you can save data. more

How to populate Organizers with data

Organizers keep all your information related to certain objects in one place. more

How to add an item

You can create a new record (item) in the datasheet and track information regarding the record. more

How to grant persmission to an item

Here you will learn how you can grant other users the right to individual items more

How to use search in Aptien

Use the special search field in the top bar to find anything in Aptien quickly. more

How to find records quickly

You can find any record quickly by using the search field. more

How to sort items

You can sort items based on many different criteria. more

How to get data from Aptien

You can analyze data using graphs, reports, or item filtering based on chosen details. more

What is the difference between a deleted item and an archived item

You can either delete an item forever or you can archive it and have it in the background. more

How to use filters

Advanced search and the filter function can be used to find anything based on specific criteria. more

How to share information with Guests

Share information with customers, partners, or suppliers using the Guests function. more

How to save favorite filters

You can save your filter settings and it will appear in 'My saved filters' section. more