How to use filters

Last updated: 2021-09-16
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Find items based on different parameters

If you need to find an item, but you do not know its name or keyword, and you only know its parameters, or you want to filter all records that meet specific requirements, then in these cases use multiple filtering, where you can view items according to your chosen criteria. If you select "All conditions must be met", it means all the conditions must be met by the item to be included in the filter. If you select "At least one condition must be met", it means only one of the selected conditions must be met by the item to be included in the filter.

Here are the options for filtering for items:

  • According to the value of any detail
  • According to the value of detail type 'list'
  • By category
  • Including archived items
  • By your favorites
  • My saved filter

According to the value of any detail

For example, you need to find out which employees work in Tokyo. You have this information stored, for example, in the Place of work detail.

After clicking on the filter icon, select the “more” option.

The multi-filter window will open here, where you will find the required detail. In this case, it is “Place of work”, and you enter the value you are looking for in the field (for example, Tokyo, you need only enter part of the word). Confirm the selection with the “Apply” button. 

In the same way, you can enter multiple values ​​in individual details. This activates multiple filters that look for the intersection of individual requests. If it finds a match for all entered values, it displays them on a pie chart.

An example would be multiple filters where you want to see a list of women who work in Tokyo. Therefore, the operator “AND” is activated between the values ​​, and thus, the match must apply to all records.

You can see the set criteria in the top bar and use the X sign to cancel any filter settings. Filters can be saved for future searches.

According to the value of detail type 'list'

If you have a list type detail in the records and color icons for individual list items, these variants are also displayed in the quick search filter. It is essential to mark the list values ​​with icons. These values ​​are then displayed in the filter, and the items in the Organizer can be filtered according to them. To cancel the filter setting, click on the X icon by the text.

Filter by category

If you have defined categories in the Organizer, you can use them to filter the Organizer’s entries. These categories are then displayed in the filter. 

To cancel the filter setting, click on the X sign.

Filter including archived items

You will use archived items in cases where you need to 'hide' away these items, but at the same time preserve their history, or in case they are needed after a certain period of time (for example, an employee leaves and returns from maternity leave). Details and connection values ​​will be preserved for them.

Archived items are displayed in the list of items as crossed out.

Search by favorites

You can mark favorite items within the Organizer with a star (Add to favorites) located next to the item name on the Details tab. You can then view your favorites within the Organizer.