GRC & Compliance management

First steps of compliance manager

Description of the first steps of compliance manager. more

What does a compliance manager do?

Compliance manager ensures compliance of company processes with legislation or with the requirements of norms, standa... more

What does an OHS or WHS manager do?

The Occupational Health and Safety Manager ensures compliance of company processes with legislative requirements in t... more

What a policy administrator does in the company

The policy administrator is in charge of the organization's internal regulations such as directives, policies, work p... more

How to use legislation, standards and norms organizer

In this organizer you keep an overview of legislation, standards, norms or other regulations for compliance managers... more

What is compliance management

Compliance management is a continuous process of monitoring and evaluating company processes and regulations to ensur... more

What is periodic employee training?

Periodic employee training is training that an organisation, as an employer, must repeatedly conduct or require its e... more

Quality manager role

Quality Manager (or Compliance manager) is one of the basic roles in the Aptien system. more

How to acknowledge employees with manuals and instructions

In this article you will learn how to familiarize employees with manuals, operating instructions or SOPs more

How to use Manuals organizer

In this article you will learn how to use the manuals, instructions and user documentation more