How to use the Certificates Organizer

Last updated: 2022-02-28
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Overview of all certificates, authorizations and certifications

In this organizer, you can keep track of the various certificates, SSL certificates, tokens, digital signatures or other authorizations, accreditations, or certificates that your company has. For each record, you can save a scan of the relevant certificate or a certified copy of it, as well as information about where you use it. For each certificate, you can set up validity monitoring. Here are the certificates linked to the company, for personal certificates we recommend the Professional Certificates organizer.

Monitoring the validity and other contexts of certificates or attestations

  • Monitoring the validity of a certificate
  • Where the certificate is used
Certificates organizer

Maintaining basic information for each certificate

You maintain the following basic information for each certificate (certificate, token, etc.):

  • Certificate name
  • Certificate issuer
  • Certificate validity
  • Where it is used