Manage Aptien Organizers


Organizer: settings

You can edit item details, groups of details, categories or automatic code. more

How to add an Organizer

You can create your own empty datasheet, or you can use one of our templates. more

How to create blank organizer

In this article you will learn how to create a blank record more

How to create a record from a template library

In this article you will learn how to create a record from a template library. more

How to create an organizer from a file

You can create an organizer from a file that we will provide on request. more

Library of organizer templates

In the library, you will find pre-made templates of organizers that you can use in your application. more

How to save organizer settings

In this article, you will learn how you can save your organizer settings and create a template. more

Item details: create, modify, delete

Details describe the characteristics of items in the datasheet, and they are defined for the whole datasheet. more

How to change settings of order status

In this article, you will learn how you can set the order statuses according to your needs. more

How to allow export to the spreadsheet

In this article you will learn how to enable the user to export to excel more

How to delete an Organizer

Deleting an Organizer is an irreversible process during which you lose all your data within the Organizer. more

Organizer categories: settings

Your administrator can set or edit categories in the Organizer's menu. more

How to manage access and permission - attachments

Manage access rights to attachments or attachment folders more

How to customize the "Add new" button

You can add more options to the plus menu by renaming the 'add item' button in your Organizers. more

Detail formats

You can use a wide range of formats in Aptien. more

Item details: special formats

You can use special format details like a list, table, or connection. more

Details: special format - Calculated number

In Aptien you can use the option to calculate the value from entered values. more

Mandatory details

Turn on the mandatory field function, and users will not be allowed to save data without filling these required fields. more

Groups of details: create, edit, delete

Create a group of details and add details that are related to each other. more

How to display a Group of details for a specific category only

You can define different groups of details for different categories. more

New items: settings

The administrator can change the settings for the form that shows up while creating a new item. more

Plugins (extensions)

You can activate additional extensions in your Aptien workspace. more

Events and Meeting Minutes: activation and settings

The administrator can turn on activities, so you can record anything you do within your company. more

How to add new minutes types

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create your own minutes type to extend the basic minutes types. more

How to set different minutes types

In this article, you will find a tutorial that will guide you through changing the types of minutes in the organizers. more

Charts on dashboard: settings

The administrator can turn on charts so you can use them on your dashboard. more

Automatic code for new items

Use the automatic code to differentiate records in your datasheet easily. more

How to create and share QR labels

Set up QR labels, print them out and stick them on any property where you'll have the information handy by scanning t... more

How to setup notifications for changes in Organizers

A change alert keeps track of any changes that are made to an organizer. more