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Last updated: 2023-05-29
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This article is for administrators.

What you can set up and customize in your organizers

Each organizer can be customized to your needs and set up according to its purpose and content. Except for the system organizers, where the basic settings are limited, you can set the following for all other organizers: 

  • The name of the organizer, the icon and color of the organizer, the basic text and description of the organizer displayed on the dashboard
  • The content of the organizer, i.e. the scope of the information (fields - details) and their grouping into detail groups, category settings and item statuses
  • Custom text of the button for creating new items
  • Form for creating new items - numbering, duplication check, and setting of mandatory fields
  • Folders for attachments and mode of working with attachments
  • Turn activities off or on and set up meeting minutes
  • Create special views of the data in the organizers
  • Create and set action buttons
  • Turn extranet off or on
  • Create and edit print forms for organizers
  • Set up change notifications to be sent

How to change the organizer settings

  1. Select the organizer for which you want to change the settings
  2. As an administrator, you will see a pencil icon next to the name of the organizer. Click on it to access the settings.
How to start the organizer settings

Setting the color, icon, and basic text of the organizer

If you want to customize the register to your needs, you can set the following in the basic settings:

  • Name of the organizer (cannot be changed for the six basic organizers - Employees, Contacts, Companies, Projects, Organizations, and Processes)
  • The icon of the organizer and its basic color
  • The background image of the organizer
  • The description on the dashboard of the organizer, where you describe to users what is the content of the organizer  

basic organizer settings

A more detailed breakdown of the organizers into different types of items

If you need to subdivide your organizers more finely, for example, into different types of contracts or types of vehicles in the vehicle organizer, you use categories. 

  • Item categories: how to create, edit or delete categories can be found in this article
categories settings

Setting item status

Item status is used to set up a workflow or process. 

  • Use the filter to focus only on items in the specific status you are currently interested in. 
  • Item statuses can also be displayed on Kanban board
Item status settings

Customizing the content of the organizers, setting the scope of the information to be recorded 

You can set separately what information (details, fields) you will keep in each organizer and how. Usually, you will work with a ready-made organizer (a template from the template library). Then you will probably edit this template. However, the same things apply if you create the organizers completely on your own. What you can edit:

  • Details of items: how to create, edit or delete details can be found in this article
  • Detail groups: how to create, edit or delete detail groups can be found in this article
detail settings

Setting up attachments and folders for attachments 

Set up attachment folders and attachment work mode.
attachment settings

Setting up activities and meeting minutes

You can turn off the Activities tab in the organizer, which is on by default. You can also set the information structure for activity entries, where you can add custom fields if the standard entry fields are not sufficient.  
minutes and activities settings

Setting up the organizer dashboard 

Here you set what should be displayed on the dashboard of the organizer.

Graph comparing two values

This extension will allow you to create charts on the organizer dashboard to display two numbers that you enter. For example, the number of hours used out of the total. You can define several various charts, each of which compares two values filled in the item detail. Users then select which charts they want to use and for which two items they want to display them in the dashboard settings.
organizer dashboard settings

Setting up the creation of a new item

  • Text of the button for creating a new item in the organizer: set in the organizer settings (see below), type your text in the field "Custom text of the button to add a new item"
  • Setting the form for creating new items
  • Numbering (Item code, prefix) - can be assigned automatically to each newly created item: how to set the code can be found in this article
  • Duplication check and setting of mandatory fields
In the following window, you will see the basic settings of the organizer. If you change anything in it, keep in mind that you have to save everything. 
new item creation settings

Setting up special views for users

Some processes require completely restricted and special user views that cannot be set using the standard menu. 
custom views settings

Setting the action buttons

Action buttons are special buttons that can be used to define selected actions, which are then displayed to users with permission to trigger them. 
action buttons settings

Extranet settings

You can enable or disable the extranet and set what the extranet should display, who can access it and how. 
extranet settings

Notification and alert settings

As an administrator, you can set who will receive notifications of any changes to the records. We recommend that you turn this setting on only in the Employees organizer, where you set the person responsible for HR to receive notifications of changes to any employee record. 
notifications settings

Setting up print forms

For each organizer, you can set which print forms users will be able to run.

Setting permissions to access information in the Organizer

All users shouldn't have access to all information held in Aptien. Set up user permissions on two levels:

  1. Access rights to Organizers, to categories of items in Organizers, and detail groups
  2. Permissions to edit, create and delete records in Organizers

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up user permissions for organizers.