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Last updated: 2021-06-02
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This article is for administrators.

Tailor your Organizer to your needs

Each individual Organizer can be tailored to your needs and set up according to its purpose and content. First of all, you can customize its content - the range of information (fields) to be recorded. You can also customize its name, color, button, and form for creating a new entry, and you can enable various other extensions.

Setting permissions to access information in the Organizer

All users shouldn't have access to all information held in Aptien. Set up user permissions on two levels:

  1. Access rights to Organizers, to categories of items in Organizers, and detail groups
  2. Permissions to edit, create and delete records in Organizers

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up user permissions for records.

Customizing the content of Organizers - setting the information maintained 

 For each Organizer, you can set what information (details, fields) to keep in it and how. Usually, you will work with a ready-made record (a template from the template library). Then you will probably edit this template. However, the same things apply if you create the Organizers completely on your own. What you can edit:

  • Details of items: how to create, edit or delete details can be found in this article
  • Detail groups: how to create, edit or delete detail groups can be found in this article
  • Item categories: how to create, edit or delete categories can be found in this article
  • Automatic code (prefix) - can be assigned automatically to each newly created item: how to set the code can be found in this article
organizer settings

Setting colors, header and other texts

If you want to customize the Organizer to your needs, you can set its name and its color, accompanying texts, and button texts. Next to the name of the Organizer, you will find a pencil icon to access the settings. Let's take a look at how to do this and what all you can customize:

  • The name of the Organizer (cannot be changed for the six basic Organizers - Employees, Contacts, Companies, Projects, Orgchart, and Processes)
  • Organizer icon and its base color: set in the Organizer settings
  • Cover image on the dashboard of the Organizer: upload the image in the record settings
  • Motto / description on the Organizer's dashboard: enter your text in the "Description" field in the Organizer's settings 
  • Organizer news: enter your text in the "News" field in the Organizer settings 
organizer name

Setting the button to create a new item

  • Text of the button to create a new item in the Organizer: set in the Organizer settings (see below), write your text in the field "Replace the text on the "+ Add item" button"

In the following window, you will see the basic settings of the Organizer. If you change anything in it, keep in mind that you have to save everything. 

Other expansion accessories

Add-ons (plug-ins) allow you to extend the capabilities of the Organizers. You can turn them on and set them up for each Organizer separately. 

Activities (Minutes)

This extension will allow users to create logs of activities over items in a given Organizer. The activity can be a meeting (then you create meeting minutes), or the activity can be some maintenance (then you create a maintenance entry).

So you can use activities (minutes) to keep clear and easily searchable minutes of meetings, record maintenance checks or repairs on your company assets, and more. 


This plugin allows you to define a risk matrix for your organization displayed on the risk Organizer dashboard. 

Chart for two numbers

This extension will allow you to create charts on the Organizer's dashboard that will display two numbers that you enter. An example is the number of hours worked out of the total.

The administrator can define a number of Organizer's graphs, each of which compares two values filled in the item detail. Users then select which charts they want to use and for which two items they want to display them in the dashboard settings.