How to create a record from a template library

Last updated: 2022-07-15
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How to create organizer from a template

If you do not want to create an empty Organizer, you can use one of our templates. Select the one that is closest to your needs. You can edit the template at any time. Templates are used to make the process of adding a new Organizer easier.

Templates are pre-made Organizers. You will find a set of details in each template that you can edit to suit your needs (add new details, edit existing details, delete details, add new groups of details, etc.). Templates may have categories and other settings.

How to add a template

  1. Find the "Create new organizer from template" button in the Organizer widget
  2. Select one template that is closest to your needs. Templates are defined by the details they contain. The list of details appears after a moment
  3. Proceed by clicking the "Install" button, and the new Organizer shows up among your other favorite Organizers

Do not forget to give access to users.

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