Groups of details

Last updated: 2021-05-12
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Groups of details help with better clarity

To better navigate in the system, details (fields) are divided into groups. An example of a group in Employees Organizer is personal information, contact information, education, etc.

You can find groups wherever there are too many details, and therefore, to achieve better clarity, it is suggested to divide them. Groups of details bring clarity.

Groups also help to decide which group of details belongs to which category. Thanks to that, as the administrator, you can set different groups of details into different categories. Last but not least, you can determine which user role can view a particular group of details. This can be very useful in situations such as when you don’t want your colleagues to see details from Personal Information or Salaries. If you are not happy with the current groups of details, you, as the administrator, can rename or completely change them.

groups of details

Do you see different groups than your colleague?

An administrator can determine rights to given groups among roles. Different roles can, therefore, view different groups in the same Organizer.