How to customize Aptien for your company

Last updated: 2021-09-10
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This article is for administrators.

Upload your company's logo

Go to administration and click "Upload your logo". The system will display the logo to all the users on your login page.

Customize the name you see in the top bar

You can have your company's name next to the plus button. Go to administration and fill in the business/organization name. After pressing the "save" button, it will be displayed in the top bar.

business or organization name

Fill the Organizers with your data

Fill the Organizers in Aptien with your data using the import function.

Create roles

You can assign one or more roles to each user that define what the users can see and do within the system. We recommend you set the roles based on the job description of each user. Define the access rights for each role.


Customize your Organizers

Delete the Organizers you do not need (the default system Organizers marked by a lock cannot be deleted but can be hidden) and install new ones.

Customize your Organizers to suit your needs:

  • Customize the Organizer template (predefined structure) to suit your needs and to keep track of information you need
  • Add new details
  • Edit existing details
  • Delete the details you do not need
  • Add, edit, or delete Groups of details
  • Add categories for your records
  • Set the Organizer's color and upload a picture
  • Change the name of the button that adds new items