How to name roles

Last updated: 2024-04-24
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How to best think about naming roles before you create them

If you're a smaller company, you'll probably use the few basic roles that we've already laid out for you in the settings. Role names typically correspond to the job title (job position) of a particular person in the company. However, this doesn't have to be the case, and you can name the roles to suit your needs so that you can get a feel for them. You can create new roles or rename existing roles as you need.

How to name roles in Aptien

Recommendations and tips for naming roles

  • Stick to the conventions of your company
  • You can always change it
  • One role can be assigned to more than one user, as long as the users have the same permissions, we recommend not creating more than one role
  • Create a new role if the permissions to organizers for each user are different

Individual office users have access to individual organizers and the information stored in them based on their roles.  The permissions for each role are determined and set by your system administrator based on the scope of responsibilities and authority required for that role.

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