How access to Organizers works

Last updated: 2022-02-07
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Access to Organizers is governed by your role

Individual office users have access to individual Organizers and the information stored in them and other parts of the system based on their roles. Roles typically correspond to the job title of a particular user, a person in the company. The range of permissions for each role is determined and set by your system administrator based on the range of responsibilities and authority required for that role.

The role determines what Organizers and applications you see

As an office user, you see the Organizers within your workspace that are part of your job role, your job title. Likewise, what you can do in the Organizers is based on that. So you use the system according to your role in the company and consequently in the system. Therefore, each user may have a completely different composition of Organizers in their workspace and may not have access to information that a colleague has access to and vice versa.

A system of roles and permissions to access information in Organizers helps to protect information. Thus, everyone sees what he or she is supposed to see based on his or her job title and does not see what he or she is not supposed to see.

Only the system administrator can set permissions for roles.

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