Last updated: 2021-08-24
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Organizers are your binders

Organizers are something like binders, where you can keep information. In each Organizer, you can save information about something—for example, Companies Organizer, Contracts Organizer, Assets Organizer etc. There is different information in different Organizers, and employees have access only to those Organizers connected to their role. In a certain way, Organizers are like electronic binders or a filing cabinet. In each Organizer, you are storing data about something else. Each Organizer is created for one thing, specifically. Information is stored in the Organizer in the form of records.

Organizers are displayed as colored tabs in the upper part of your screen.


Which Organizers can you see?

The variety of the Organizers depends on the role in which you are signed in. Therefore, each user can see a different array of Organizers.
Each user is allowed to view Organizer depending on their role and the role they are signed in to the system. The user can view, rewrite or delete information depending on the rights that emerge from their position. Only the administrator can set which lever of editing the user has.