Items & records in Organizers

Last updated: 2023-03-20
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A record is one entry in the Organizer

In each Organizer, you are creating records for which the Organizer was designed. In the Companies Organizer, you can find information about each organization your company is collaborating with. In the Employees Organizer, you can find a list of employees. Each company or employee is a record (entry or item) in the Organizer. You can also think of them as lines in an Excel sheet or individual documents in your filing cabinet. The organizer, therefore, consists of a list of records (entries, items). A record, item or an entry are essentially the same thing.

Examples of records in Organizers

  • Companies: Audi, BMW, Apple, Tesco
  • Employees: John Smith, Samantha Jones, Sarah Allister
  • Contracts: Contract #263/2017, Long Term Rental of Office Space Agreement
  • Property: Desktop Lenovo, HP Printer 2612

For each record, you can keep information in text-only or attachments and other documents.


Where can you view your records?

Once you open an Organizer, you can see a list of all records (entries) in the Organizer on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, you can see details belonging to each record. You can further organize entries in your Organizer depending on their type – they are called Categories.

How to add records into an Organizer?

You have three options. Manually, using the import function, or, filling it with data from another system.