Items, records in Organizers

Last updated: 2021-05-12
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A record is one entry in the Organizer

In each Organizer, you are creating records for which the Organizer was designed. In Companies Organizer, you can find information about each organization; your company is collaborating with. In Employees Organizer, you can find a list of employees. Each company or employee is a record (entry) in the Organizer. You can also think of them as lines in the Excel sheet or individual documents in your filing cabinet. The organizer, therefore, consists of a list of records (entries). A record and an entry are essentially the same things.

Examples of records in Organizers

  • Companies: Audi, BMW, Apple, Tesco
  • Employees: John Smith, Samantha Jones, Sarah Allister
  • Contracts: Contract #263/2017, Long Term Rental of Office Space Agreement
  • Property: Desktop Lenovo, HP Printer 2612

For each record, you can keep information in text-only or attachments and other documents.


Where can you view your records?

Once you open an Organizer, you can see a list of all records (entries) in the Organizer on the left-hand side. On the right-hand-side, you can see details belonging to each record. You can further organize entries in your Organizer depending on their type – they are called Categories.

How to add records into an Organizer?

You have three options. Manually, using the import function or filling it with data from another system.