How to use the Computers Organizer

Last updated: 2024-03-01

This article is intended for IT managers.

Computers overview in your company

Use this organizer to manage your IT assets, specifically keep all records of your PCs, computers, laptops or tablets. This is the central configuration repository, and each record contains information about the computer's maintenance and important actions. You can keep all maintenance information, the computer's location, record maintenance, and information about the computer's retirement.

Computer management and maintenance in the company

  • Maintaining the necessary operational information for each computer
  • Keeping information and logs computer assignment, location, transfer or return information 
  • Keeping track of warranty or lease expiration dates
  • Security information such as admin access
Computers organizer

How does Aptien help you with computer management?

Central overview of computers

  • CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) is a central repository, where you store information about your computers, and it also serves for computer configuration management
  • CMDB provides a common place for storing data associated with computer activities
  • Computer inventory can include many specifics of each piece of computer equipment.
  • Detailed information for each computer
  • For each computer, you keep only the useful information that you need for practical operation:

IT helpdesk - submitting computerissues and requests 

  • Reporting and submitting computer issues, problems and malfunctions
  • Request to reinstall or repair the computer
  • Requirements for a new computer

Maintenance and operation log of computers

  • Keeping an operation log of computers
  • Monitoring hardware warranty terms
  • Monitoring regular hardware replacement
  • Keeping an operation log of performed maintenance, updates, patch management
  • Monitoring regular penetration tests
  • You can easily set up and monitor all the mentioned activities for different computers
  • Computer Operation Log
  • For each computer, you keep information about performed maintenance, service, and all service interventions.

Handing over computers to employees