How to keep maintenance log

Last updated: 2022-04-08
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What is asset maintenance log and why is it important

Asset maintenance log is essential wherever you need to document the performance of maintenance, inspections, scheduled or unscheduled inspections. Keeping a log of maintenance activities is particularly important where legislation or other standards require you to demonstrate compliance. Maintenance and inspection records are also an important part of OHS. 

Asset maintenance records

The individual maintenance records, a log on equipment maintenance is are kept in the form of activity records in the "Activities" tab:

  1. On the equipment page, select the "Activities" tab
  2. Create a new activity and select the type "Maintenance" 
  3. This will open a maintenance entry, where your name will be automatically added and the entry will also be automatically attached to the device from which you are creating the entry
  4. In the entry field, record the maintenance activity - what you did
  5. In the conclusions field, record the next step
  6. If you need to create a follow-up task, create it using the task button 

The created maintenance entry is only available online using a web browser. The system provides a full audit trail, and restricts access to maintenance records to only users with the appropriate permissions. Saved maintenance entries are indexed and thus easily retrievable. 

maintenance activity record