What is corrective maintenance

Last updated: 2023-08-31
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Corrective maintenance addresses breakdowns and repairs

Corrective  or reactive maintenance is nothing more than dealing with faults, failures, or malfunctions. Corrective maintenance reacts to a fault, so it is only dealt with after the fault has occurred - unlike preventive maintenance.

What corrective maintenance typically involves 

  • repair of reported failures
  • repair of detected faults from monitoring
  • repair of defects detected during a periodic inspection
  • resolving an incident

Fault and failure reporting

Failure reporting is the most common trigger for reactive maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a working fault and failure reporting system where employees can report a fault and someone will take care of it according to the set workflow. 

How to report a fault or defect

Maintenance records

Once the fault has been rectified by the maintenance worker, a record of the repair must be made in the maintenance log of the equipment. Records of maintenance and repair activities performed on equipment are used for follow-up and failure assessment or simply to have a clear overview in your operating log of what activities have been performed on the equipment.

Maintenance record of the equipment