How to report workplace breakdowns, accidents and incidents

Last updated: 2023-09-10
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Reporting faults and problems in the workplace  

There are many incidents, breakdowns, accidents and other events that take place in the workplace and the company should have control over their resolution. These can be major events, such as workplace accidents, or minor events, such as a blown light bulb. In order to address and fix them, the company needs to have a process in place to report and document them.

Paper or digital reports

In Aptien, you can choose whether to create your reports electronically, which we recommend, or whether to use the options of paper forms, which can be tailored to your company's practices.  Using digital incident reports in the workplace allows workers to quickly capture the details of an incident and create a report immediately, this allows you to respond quickly to the situation instead of tedious paperwork.

How employees report an incident or malfunction

As a logged-in user, you will find the forms in the left-hand side menu under the "Requests and Reports" tab. Here you select the report you need, fill it in, and confirm it by clicking on "Create". Reports allow you to capture information about the entire incident efficiently. The report is automatically attached to the user who can easily create it from their phone, using photos, to capture the entire situation and immediately upload and attach the images as part of the report. This makes it easy for them to enter the background information needed to resolve or investigate the incident on the spot. 

The report form is automatically sent to the responsible person in your company for approval or acknowledgement, and you receive a notification in your inbox as soon as it is processed. Until the report is closed, you can add comments to clarify the information.

How to create an accident or fault report form

A company can create almost any kind of report it needs for a failure, accident, problem or other incident. The reports are available to all employees in the company who have access to the intranet. Your administrator can create any report using a simple interface.