How to create employee requests forms

Last updated: 2023-10-22
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This article is for administrators only.

Create an employee request or report forms

Employee requests and reports forms are intended to solve basic processes using simple forms. You, as the administrator, can create forms based on your company's needs. All the employees with the feature turned on can see all the requests and reports forms enabled for all or their roles.

The feature for approval is displayed for users once a form with their name on the approval list is created.

setting up the request form

Who can submit a request or report and who can approve it

How to create a form for requests or reports

Go to the administration settings and then go to the "Requests and Reports" tab. You can see 3 tabs here - report settings, request settings, and superior settings. Open the report or request settings. Click on any form to edit it. 

Create a new request form by clicking on the "+" button: 

  1. Fill in the request name, for example, "Purchase request - computer"
  2. Select a suiting icon and its color
  3. You can leave the form for all roles, or show it only to some - select from the list
  4. Include required date
  5. You can also add an organizer from which the item can be selected (only one organizer for one form)
  6. Allow or deny attachments based on the form
  7. Select the process of approval - parallel or one by one
  8. Select responsible people in the "Who to send the notification to" section. You can also set a superior as the responsible person and they will be automatically selected when the form is sent based on the superior settings

Approver assignment (step 8 is required to have the Request Active). Until the approver is completed, the request will not be offered to employees on the portal and you will not see it as "Active".

You can create a report similarly, but you do not select the approval process because the responsible people only need to confirm reading the notice.

How to activate requests and reports for users

Go to the administration settings and the "Roles" tab. Select a role and activate (turn on) "Requests and reports"

turn on requests and notices