What does IT manager do?

Last updated: 2024-03-17

The IT manager is responsible for management of information technology in the company. They are responsible for setting IT strategy (setting the direction, IT technologies) as well as managing and maintaining IT assets. They are also in charge of IT compliance with user requirements within the company. Thus, it can be said that they function as the person responsible for all IT but beyond that they take care of the compliance with the information needs of the company. Thus, they make sure that IT supports the requirements and needs of the company and the people working in the company. 

  • Ensures overall IT compliance with the company's information needs
  • ensuring the management of IT assets
  • monitors changes in IT requirements
  • keeping up to date with IT technologies
  • organises activities to ensure maintenance of IT technologies and assets
  • organises or carries out planned and preventive maintenance of IT assets
  • resolves critical financial situations and IT management issues
  • ensures and is responsible for IT security 
  • dealing with IT service and IT technology suppliers (hardware and software suppliers) 
  • maintains contractual documentation for IT services and technologies and IT maintenance services
  • handles the supporting IT infrastructure of the facilities (network connections, internet connection, corporate computer network)
  • is responsible for all IT support services 
  • is responsible for recording and dealing with suggestions for improving IT services
  • maintains a catalogue of IT services in the company
  • keeping records of IT assets (servers, computers, software and all other hardware)