What are IT services

Last updated: 2024-05-25
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IT services are all services that are provided to users of information technology. They can be provided by an internal IT department or external supplier, an IT service provider. IT services have a large scope, it can be the provided functions, performance of hardware or other services of various applications, software, hardware, IT infrastructure or the work of IT staff.

what are it services

List of most common IT services

  • maintenance of IT devices (hardware)
  • storage services
  • server maintenance services
  • printing IT services, printer maintenance
  • hardware installations & setup
  • user support services
  • troubleshooting and technical support
  • providing e-mail server  services
  • cloud services
  • SaaS /software as a service)
  • cloud backup services
  • network security services
  • cybersecurity services 
  • network monitoring services
  • software development services
  • technology training
  • voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
  • anti-Virus Protection
  • data analytics services
  • networking Services

How to keep a catalog of IT services