Who is office worker

Last updated: 2023-01-30
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What does an Office Worker do?

An office workers (also known as white collars) as managers, administrative workers, office clerk, secretary and in general all other people working with computers in the office. Depending on the job, office workers may have different responsibilities and perform wide range of many tasks - either their jobs (in sales, marketing, HR, development, etc) or to ensure that an office runs smoothly. 

These include wide range of tasks of the office job in general: 
  • collecting and providing information
  • imputing data and filing records, reports etc.
  • communication via phones, emails, videocall, personally, or via task or work management apps
  • performing wide range of administrative work

So office workers can be found in office-based, administrative, or management roles unlike so called "blue-collar workers" don't have physically taxing jobs. 

Examples of office workers

There are a huge number of different office jobs. The following are examples of office (white collars) workers:

Key enablers of effective office work

An office worker involves successfully being able to work effectively with computer, keep and share important job agenda-relevant information. Other are organizing the work and work tasks and coordinating work and work tasks with others.

  • Communicate with other people across the company over all communication tools (phone, email, collaborations tools) 
  • Keep and share information, documents and data 
  • Time management - organize work - schedule appointments, meetings and tasks
  • Process transactions related to the job, products or services