What does HR manager do?

Last updated: 2023-05-10
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HR manager is responsible for the overall personnel agenda in an organisation. The scope of their work depends significantly on the size of the company.

  • In small companies, most of the HR manager's tasks are performed by the company's director, while payroll accounting is handled by an external company
  • In medium-sized companies, there is usually a separate role for the HR manager 
  • In larger firms, the work of the HR manager is divided into specialists who focus on sub-areas such as payroll processing, recruitment and so on

Typical job description of an HR manager

  • plans and manages the personnel agenda in the company
  • is responsible for managing employee relations
  • prepares and updates the company's internal regulations and employment law documents
  • prepares employment contracts and other documents relating to labour relations
  • handles the complete life cycle of an employee and his/her employment law matters (creation, progress and termination of employment) 
  • maintains personnel records for all employees
  • ensures the processing of employees' salaries (in-house or with the help of an external company)
  • ensures legislative compliance of HR processes and documents in the company
  • organizes the process of searching for new candidates and job seekers, including personnel marketing
  • manages the recruitment and hiring process
  • manages the process of dismissal of employees
  • provides feedback from employees and escalates their requests, concerns and issues
  • works with the company management to set up and manage the employee evaluation, motivation and remuneration
  • arranges and manages employee training and development
  • works with company management to create job descriptions and job responsibilities

In Aptien, the HR Manager typically has his/her role set as HR Manager.