What does HR manager do?

Last updated: 2021-07-13
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HR manager is responsible for the overall personnel agenda in an organisation. In larger companies, the work is divided into specialists who focus on sub-areas such as payroll processing, recruitment and so on. 

Typical job description of an HR manager

  • plans and manages the personnel agenda in the company
  • is responsible for managing employee relations
  • prepares and updates the company's internal regulations and employment law documents
  • prepares employment contracts and other documents relating to labour relations
  • handles the complete life cycle of an employee and his/her employment law matters (creation, progress and termination of employment) 
  • maintains personnel records for all employees
  • ensuring the processing of employees' salaries
  • ensures legislative compliance of HR processes in the company
  • ensures the process of searching for new candidates and job seekers, including personnel marketing
  • ensuring the recruitment and hiring process
  • ensuring the process of dismissal of employees
  • providing feedback from employees and escalating their requests, topics and issues
  • works with the company management to set up and manage the employee evaluation, motivation and reward system
  • ensures employee training and development
  • organises training and education for employees
  • works with company management to create job descriptions and job descriptions