Employee Relationship Management

Last updated: 2023-07-27
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Active relations and communication with employees

Aptien helps establish, maintain and develop productive communication and relationships between the company and employees. The main component is effective communication across the organization. Reducing communication noise between the company and employees leads to increased trust, credibility, and loyalty among employees and improved overall firm effectiveness.  

Active employee relationship management is used by companies to effectively manage all interactions with employees to ultimately achieve the goals of the organization.  Which in practice means: 

  • Managing every single interaction with your team and how they interact within the team
  • HR plays a key role in the entire process
  • Managers play a key role - they can effectively create and maintain relationships with employees
  • In addition, HR measures and monitors the relationships to verify that everything is going well and smoothly
  • supporting and managing employee engagement
  • support and managing development
  • communication and interaction with employees 

Employee relations management focuses on enabling employees to work together on typical management tasks with their employers. Through better collaboration and involvement of both sides of the employee relationship, the interests of both parties, employee and employer, can be aligned to inform day-to-day situations, share information, and more. It's also relationship management for all employees in your company, starting from the employee's first day and continuing until they leave.

It's either the relationship between the employee and the employer or the relationship between employees with each other. It involves effective communication, employee satisfaction, and implementing the right tools and technology. 

From onboarding to offboarding

Employee relationship management starts at the onboarding and ends when the employee leaves the company. A well-managed onboarding process will help improve the employee's relationship and trust in the company.

  • Preparing for employee onboarding (pre-boarding)
  • Onboarding
  • Employee offboarding

Employee life and development in the company

  • employee requirements
  • process performance
  • handing over work equipment
  • handover of work

Employee relations management tools 

  • communication from employees to the company
  • communication from company to employees
  • building company culture
  • employees are familiar with the company's policies and work practices