How employees can report incidents

Last updated: 2024-05-01
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How to report a workplace incident or accident

Employees can report various incidents, accidents and other events in one place electronically using a form from the employee portal. These are most often:

  • reporting an accident, reporting a car accident
  • reporting a near miss
  • reporting a property defect
  • reporting a device failure
  • notification of an occupational accident
  • security incident
  • notification of a doctor's visit

Each company creates forms according to its needs, the list can be easily customized. Employees can find all active forms and reports on the intranet in the left menu under the "Requests and reports" tab.

  1. Go to your intranet and click on the "Requests and Reports" tab
  2. Here, select the report you need, fill it out and confirm by clicking "Create"
how employees report incidents

Automatic notification of the manager about the incident

  • Every incident reported in this way is automatically directed to the responsible employee, manager or specialist
  • The form is automatically sent to the responsible people in your company for their information
  • A reported incident is automatically routed according to how it is set up

How employees make a report

As a logged-in user, you will find all employee company forms in the left menu under the "Requests and Reports" tab. Here you select the report you need, fill it in and confirm by clicking on "Create". The form is automatically sent to the responsible people in your company for their attention.

All your active reports that you submit are displayed as "Active" in the yellow column on the left. You can also view closed reports on this tab by clicking the arrow next to "Active". You will receive a notification in your inbox when your request is approved or denied. You can use the search box to find specific reports. You can search in the column with pending requests and reports or when you want to submit a request or report and cannot find the request or report.

You can add comments until the request or report is closed.

Confirming Reports

If you are set up as an approver, you will see the "Approvals" tab on the left menu where you will find reports that are waiting for your approval. Here you can use the search fields to quickly find a specific report. You will find 3 different coloured columns:

  1. Open - here you will find all pending reports, after opening a submitted report, click on "Confirm" after reading it and for the request choose between "Yes" or "No" and confirmation in the row
  2. Closed - here you will find all pending requests or reports where you are a monitor or approver
  3. Cancelled - here you will find all cancelled requests and reports, whether the cancellation was done by the originator or the approver for any reason

Comments can be added to reports until they are closed. Click to view or download the uploaded attachment.

Replace cluttered emails with a simple form

I'm sure your company handles a lot of communication via email when employees need to make an official announcement, for example:

  • reporting a doctor's appointment
  • report near miss
  • reporting equipment failure
  • reporting an accident, reporting a car crash
  • reporting a work-related injury

You can solve these situations with our employee reports. A company can create almost any form it needs. It is a universal communication tool between employees and the company and is available to all employees in the company who have access to the intranet. Your administrator can create any request or form using a simple interface.

Your internal service desk.

Retention of incident records

In addition, Aptien allows you to record all communications and documentation surrounding incidents.

  • description of what happened
  • details of the situation, the circumstances, for example the attacker(s) and any witnesses, the victim of the attack
  • the outcome and impact of the incident on the worker and the organization