What is team collaboration

Last updated: 2023-12-07

What is team collaboration?

Team collaboration means the joint working of several people in an organization, its organizational unit or in a small team. Many activities are done by a lone person, but a large part of the work in companies has the character of teamwork. People work together if they have a common goal or reason, and that's usually the case

  • a joint project that people are working on
  • a joint process where multiple people or departments come together, such as employee onboarding a new employee

Working together as a group on a project, process or concept produces a better result than could be obtained individually. However, teamwork among several people requires perfect synchronization and to have the same information, data or documents. You need to have a single point of truth upon which decisions and your collaborations can be based. Constantly searching for different information, conclusions and teamwork delays, burdens, and brings unnecessary confusion and conflict.

That is why companies use dedicated tools for this - software for team collaboration, where team members can work together, see the bigger picture and can better achieve a common goal. In such an environment, team members share information, tasks, notes, and discuss ideas, new methods, or different points of view to reach better solutions.

what is team collaboration

How Aptien makes team collaboration easier

 Aptien is a team collaboration tool. Here are the key features, and some of the benefits of Aptien collaboration software:

  • Shared workspace - create a workspace for teams to collaborate and discuss all tasks. You can also make your own notes, share them and save important documents that you will want to refer to from time to time
  • Kanban task board - you can see all your own and team tasks that others share with you. You don't have to ask on the status but you can clearly see it in real time
  • File and document sharing - You can share files and documents related to a team task with your team. This increases productivity and speed of communication
  • Project Management - Aptien makes project management easy. You can also add all the requirements and files related to that task to the task's project tab. It helps the team know what needs to be done.
  • Team communication - bring all your employees together to communicate with each other. Aptien helps improve communication by creating a team workspace, shared group chats on tasks, requests, and notes.
  • Department Collaboration - departments can create separate workspaces to discuss joint activities
  • Shared minutes from meetings, meetings and other activities - in teamwork, it is not only important what you do, but also that others know what you agreed, did - shared conclusions from various activities, meetings and discussions are part of it. You can more easily take over someone else's task and someone else can more easily take over your tasks
  • Collaboration with suppliers, customers and external partners - you can easily collaborate with your external partners, suppliers or customers using the extranet
  • Intranet and employee self-service - intranet and self-service facilitate collaboration within the company, managers and individual employees on their daily tasks
  • A company wall makes it easy to share information that is common to everyone, instead of sending emails
  • The directory of colleagues will facilitate the search for colleagues and the orientation of new employees