What is onboarding?

Last updated: 2023-01-21
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What an employee onboarding means and includes

Employee onboarding is the entire process of taking on a new employee. The process begins with an interview and ends with the employee's full induction to the new workplace. Onboarding is important both from the perspective of the organization and from the perspective of the new employee to ensure that he or she is quickly oriented and integrated into the team of co-workers and all work processes.  

  • Signing the employment contract
  • Familiarizing the employee with the detailed job description  
  • Completion of formalities required by legislation   
  • Introducing the new employee to the organisation's systems (applications, registries)
  • Familiarizing the employee with the company's processes and rules
  • Introducing the employee to the formal and informal practices in the company and the company culture 
  • Familiarization with the company strategy
  • Adaptation and socialization in the new team, familiarization with their closest colleagues and superiors
  • Other contacts inside or outside the company 
  • Setting up the working environment, issuing and assignment of work tools, equipment, authorizations and other items (passwords, keys, access cards) 
  • Completion of job-related training and duties