What is a workplace?

Last updated: 2023-10-31
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A Workplace is a location where people perform tasks, assignments, and jobs for their employer. Different types of workplaces vary across industries. Equipped workplaces are enablers for effective work. Workplaces can be on-site, mobile, or fully remote. 

Types of workplaces

Types of workplaces can range from a factory to an office building or remote home office. 


  • Factory workers work on the production line equipped with machines and tools. Factory workers operate with these tools and must know how to use them.


  • Retail employees commonly work indoors in various types of stores. Store employees often directly interact with customers.

Outdoor location

  • Many industries require people to work outdoors. The workplace and work environment for outdoors varies.


  • Office workers are usually backoffice employees or people working in service industries. Offices are located in buildings.

Virtual, remote workplace, home office

  • Virtual offices allow people to work remotely. Virtual workplaces are for service industry or back-office workers and require collaboration software. 

Workplace equipment and business efficiency

  • Workplaces help businesses deliver their products or services to consumers in an efficient way and therefore have to be properly equipped
  • Workplaces must be safe for the performance of work
  • Workplace equipment is usually described in the job requirements and employees must take possession of the equipment during onboarding 
  • Workplaces have to be maintained in accordance with facility management principles
  • The workplace must comply with legal and other requirements.