What is a working environment?

Last updated: 2024-02-12

Work environment means all social and physical conditions in which an employee performs their job. Work environment is a broader term than the workplace, as it also includes social aspects.

  • work environment positively or negatively impact an employee's performance
  • employers must establish a good work environment for employees 
  • excellent and positive work environments encourage productivity, work performance, engagement, satisfaction and positive thinking 
  • excellent work environments avoid risks 
  • there is no standard for an excellent excellent work environment, it is different for each company

Factors influencing work environment

  • Workplace
  • Work equipment
  • Management style in the company
  • Company culture
  • Ergonomic factors such as lighting, noise, dust, decoration or lighting

Who is responsible for an excellent work environment?

The impact of the work environment on employee performance is crucial. Because it includes both social and physical aspects, the overall setting of the work environment depends on many factors. The facility manager is in charge of the physical aspects, i.e. the workplace itself and all other company premises and equipment, in offices it is usually the office manager. Social aspects then depend on the company culture and the overall management style of the company's top management.