What does an office manager do?

Last updated: 2024-02-12

Office manager or Back-office manager, sometimes called an assistant, is responsible for the company's administration. He or she takes care of the administration and ensures the smooth running of the office and supporting processes. It is an important role because it keeps the company's support processes running smoothly. That is why the scope of the office manager's activities is extensive. 

The work of an office manager naturally depends on the size and type of company. While in small companies or small offices, the office manager does most of the work himself, in large companies or offices the work is more managerial, that is, he manages and coordinates the work of individual assistants or other staff who provide administrative services.

Typical scope of work or responsibilities of an office manager:

In Aptien, you will use the role of office manager, which is set up roughly to the range of agendas above.

office manager work area