How to use the Office Equipment Organizer

Last updated: 2022-02-28

Office furniture and other office equipment overview

This organizer is intended to manage furniture and other basic office equipment. You have many things in your office that do not have their own special Organizer, (such as computers), but are important/valuable to the company and may have an inventory number. This organizer is used to log those items. You can connect items to the "Rooms" Organizer, and you can also use the list of employees to assign furniture to specific members of staff. 

The range and structure of the Organizer is designed according to best practice. However if it does not suit your needs, your administrator can change it, or you can use our expert services.

The default information kept about office equipment is:

  • The name of the equipment - enter its name
  • The inventory number - record your internal inventory number here
  • Accessories description - if the equipment has any accessories, type it here
Office Equipment organizer