How to use the Rooms Organizer

Last updated: 2024-04-08

Overview of the rooms in your company 

This organizer is for the assets manager, facility manager, property manager or a person working in a similar position. The room organizer will give you a comprehensive overview of all the rooms you need to record and track in some way, for example; when you need to keep an inventory of their equipment, perform an inventory check, rent, or security information and so on.

From individual rooms, you can link information from various other organizers and assign their equipment to them (for example; furniture, printers, devices, machines or any other equipment). In this organizer, you can also keep information regarding access to the given room (who is allowed where) or its security, if required by your security policy.

  • Keeping information about the equipment of the rooms as a basis for the inventory
  • Keeping information about room security and issued keys or access cards
  • The room's operating log where there are records of repairs or maintenance
  • Defect reporting for each room
  • Lease agreements or other transfer protocols
Rooms organizer

Essential information for each room

  • Room name 
  • Door to the room (select all doors leading to this room from the Doors organizer)
  • Location in the building (select the building, or part of it, in which the room is located from the Buildings organizer)
  • Other information about the room

Information about room equipment

  • You keep an overview of the equipment of the room
  • You can add any equipment (furniture, technical equipment, safety equipment)
  • You can then check the overview of the equipment using simple factual equipment inventories.
  • Based on the information provided, Aptien will write out a clear inventory list for each room, you just click on what you found and what is missing.
  • You can also mark the rooms and their equipment with a QR code

See how to easily make an inventory of room equipment.

Operational log and defects report

  • You keep records of the maintenance or repairs performed for each room
  • The operational log contains complete information about all of them
  • The defects reporting tool lets your people report defects
  • You have a clear overview of all reported defects for each room

Automatically generated forms and documents

  • You can use any automatically generated print report
    • For example, the handover protocol to the client

Room security information

The information about the room security that you can keep here concerns both the room security level itself and the access of individuals to the room. This information is important from a security perspective and will assist you to comply with the GDPR or NIS2 requirements. The Rooms organizer will make it easier for you to prove security standards - in the case of ISO 27000, such records are essential.

  • Room security (locks, doors, security class of doors and locks, monitoring system)
  • Authorization to enter the room (keys, access cards, employees, other people)
information on room security