What is workplace security

Last updated: 2023-04-11
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Workplace security refers to the measures put in place to protect people, workplaces, assets, and information from various physical or digital threats. These threats range from unauthorized access, theft, violence, and vandalism, to digital security threats such as information theft, data breaches, or various cyberattacks.

  • physical security refers to the physical access of people or protection against natural threats (fire, water, etc.)
  • digital security refers to protection in the digital space against cyber threats

The importance of workplace security

Workplace security has to be focused on both the property and employees. It includes both physical security and digital security.

  • workplace security should defend your business’s critical assets
  • workplace security protects employees
  • also keeps you compliant with updated laws and regulations in your country or region
  • physical security refers to all of the physical assets and properties in your workplace - equipment, tools, devices, buildings, as well as employees and visitors
  • digital security refers to the protection of data, information, compliance, and systems 
  • also builds trust and boosts employee morale
  • demonstrates the organization's commitment to overall health and safety (OHS)