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Employee Access And Permissions Management

When we need to control the security of your software, data, or buildings and other facilities, with Aptien, you'll be able to see which employees have access to where.

simple question of security

Which employee have access where

Without a unified app, staff permission and access management can be difficult, especially as your company grows and teams expand. Remove the hassle of managing multiple systems and make everything from passwords to entrance accesses fit together like a hand and glove.

Overview of staff access and permissions

Replace your Excel sheets with easy software that will give you certainty and an overview of which employees have access to where. Orchestrate your access control.

Notification and alerts on access changes

Any changes made in your employee records, access, and permissions make a notification. Stay on top of information, informed, and organized.

History of all access and permissions on all employees

You get a robust history and audit trail on employee access and permission according to your needs.

Used by teams across every industry

Keep your employee access and permission coordinated. 

Wherever you are. Any permission or access you need to overview.
  • Employee access overview
  • Link to the job description
  • The basis for security audit
  • Orchestrate your access control systems
  • Assigned access & permissions to the staff
  • Assigned access rights 
  • Who can enter where and why
  • Overview of company premises, doors, keys
  • Company information assets
  • Checklist for staff offboarding
  • Checklist for staff onboarding 
  • Authorizations across the company 
  • Identity management process simpler
  • Staff overview
  • Key and access card management
  • Faster and simpler employee onboarding 

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Staff Access and Permission Under Control

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Looking For More?

Manage more than just your employees and security. Our online platform simplifies your business admin and management. Including these key areas:

A simple solution for Employee Access and Permission Management

Controlling access to your business space or your information assets is one of the critical elements in securing your business. With our application for access and permissions, you get a tool with the ability to comprehensively describe the necessary rights, permissions, and access for each employee, including the ability to record access permissions to a specific space in the company or specific enterprise software:

Get one source of truth of your staff access

Controlling which employee enters which part of your business space is essential. All begins with the job and responsibilities arising from the job description. Employee access overview is a basis for security audits. You can document who can enter where and for what reason or title.

Orchestrate your access control systems

You actually control access control in your applications, entry or attendance system, or the building access systems. Our solution doesn't directly manage employee access but helps you orchestrate the entire process from the job description. 

  • Source of access information for building, entry, or attendance system (physical access)
  • Source of access information for your applications or IDM systems (access and permission to the apps)

Our software helping to fullfill your building security policy and procedures. 

Access Authorization and Key Assignment 

Keep an overview of staff access authorization and other employee permissions in one place. As a piece of root information, it is a basis and source for another access management id identity management systems. Accordingly to your security policy (e.g., Acces and key control policy), each facility administrator shall determine which office space (rooms) their employees have access to and authorize the assignment of the office keys.  

  • Overview of permissions for specific job roles or specific employees
  • Issued keys based upon employee need for access
  • Records of assigned keys and access cards
  • Records of assigned certificates or tokens
  • Overview of permissions that need to be revoked when an employee leaves
  • Records of powers of attorney for temporary authorizations

Employee access to company buildings and other physical premises

Every employee in every company is assigned some keys or access cards that authorize them to access company premises. It doesn't matter if it is offices, production areas or other facilities. 

In our system, you can keep track of which employees have access to where and the premises themselves. 

  • Recording keys and access cards
  • Records of rooms, doors and other company premises
  • Building records

Employee access to applications

Individual applications can manage permissions themselves or by using an Identity Management system. However, in many applications, this is handled manually by their administrators, and you need to have a system to keep track of who can access which applications. This is what you get with Aptien.

  • Application organizer (list of your company applications and information systems)
  • Records of employee access to applications

Employee access to information assets and permissions to data

Companies for whom information security is crucial will appreciate an unambiguous overview of which employees can access which information assets. In the system, you define and assign assets to specific employees or job roles. 

Our system will thus help you meet some of your obligations from security norms and standards such as ISO 27000.

Employee offboarding 

With the tool, you can easily generate a list of permissions that need to be transferred or revoke.

What you get

A tool to keep track of different permissions. The product will include records of Signature Patterns (including the possibility of attaching a scan), Access Cards, Stamps, Powers of Attorney, Organisational Structure, and Employees.

It is a web application (software) that you do not need to install but run in your web browser.

You pay a low monthly subscription fee for the software based on the number of users and records you use. If you need the basics, you pay next to nothing.

let's recap

Key Features of Employee Access and Permission Management

  • Overview of assigned permissions and access rights 
  • Overview of who can enter where and why
  • Overview of company premises, doors, keys
  • Overview of company information assets
  • Key and access card management
  • Faster and simpler employee onboarding 
  • Generate a list of permission that needs to be forwarded or canceled upon employee offboarding
  • Permission to the Information Assets
  • Authorizations across the company 
  • Employee management
  • Simpler indentity management process

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