Storages & Locations

Last updated: 2022-08-09
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You can place assets or equipment in stores, storages or locations

Storages are used as locations where you can assign any assets or equipment using digital handover logs and action buttons. Stores can be also used as a location for assigning in unissued work equipment. A company can define its own list of stores.
You can perform the following operations (actions) with the stores:
  • Assigning new assets into stores
  • Assigning an asset to a specific person from the stores
  • Receiving back an asset into the repository from a specific person
  • Transfer an asset between two stores
Stores can be also used as simple warehouses, but without the traditional warehouse management (Aptien does not keep track of inventory). 

Examples of how to use stores

  • IT office where the computers or other IT equipment is not assigned to employees (Store  = IT office, computers, monitors etc are assigned to a store)
  • Assistant's office where she has unissued phones for staff (Store  = Office, Phones are assigned to a store)
  • A cabinet where binders are stored (Store = Cabinet, binders are assigned to a store)